Friday Night Science BBQ Sign-Ups!

Our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Friday Night Science BBQ, is right around the corner!

We need your help to help to run the BBQ and sell food to all the hungry people!

All volunteers get a FREE Tri-Tip/Hotdog Meal!

Click the sign-up button below to volunteer!

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Friday Night Science BBQ Sign-Ups!

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In Fall 2014, a group of students identified something missing from campus: an organization for STEM majors to develop professionally in industry networking, leadership, teamwork, interpersonal communication, peer mentoring, and service learning. So they made one. Thus the Science and Engineering Club was born. Fast forward to 2018 and the club has been the hub for such projects as Professional Development Events, creation of a club website, K-12 community outreach, social events, partnerships with Cal Poly for vehicle as aerodynamics & efficiency testing, and student-led projects such as a robotic arm and even a fusion reactor. All 100% student-organized and executed. Join us and discover the possibilities.


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Epic Field Trips

We like going cool places. Come with us?


We all pile into a bus and it takes us to cool places.

Have Fun

We Promise that all of our field trips are at least as fun as clipping your toenails.

Epic Field Trips


The following committees have been setup to allow us to bring our members the best experiences possible.

Professional Development Event

This committee plans the Professional Development Event.

Friday Night Science

Netflix and Chill? No! Science and Grill!

Field Trip

This committee is focused on creating the most awesome field trip ever!


This is getting pretty meta! This committee decides what content gets put onto the website!


This committee is devoted to getting the word out about how awesome the STEM club is!

Social Media

This committee is devoted to our social media presence.

Make New Friends

Join Our Community

The Allan Hancock College Science & Engineering Club is by far the most interesting group of people on campus, and that is by no means a based on a biased result set.

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The Allan Hancock College Science & Engineering Club provides multiple events and projects for you to take part in that will be both fun and look great on your resume.

Participate in Our Awesome Events
Participate in Our Awesome Events
Participate in Our Awesome Events
Participate in Our Awesome Events
Participate in Our Awesome Events

Upcoming Events

This is all the awesome stuff we have planned!

Professional Development Event

Develop yourself professionally with the professional development event hosted by the Allan Hancock College Science & Engineering Club.
Friday, April 21. 2pm – 4pm

Upcoming Events

Friday Night Science

What do we do on a friday night you ask? Is it Netflix and Chill?
Absolutely not!
It’s Science and Grill!
Friday, May 5th

Upcoming Events

Field Trip

We don’t yet know where we’re going, but we do know that it’s gonna be pretty awesome.
Late May / Early June

Upcoming Events

Science and Engineering Club 2018 Officers

Andy Wittke
Andy Wittke President

Life is an ongoing struggle finding one’s true identity…

Matt Taber
Matt Taber Vice President

An Aeronautical Engineering major in his second year at Allan Hancock College.

Yunji Lee
Yunji Lee Secretary

Environmental Engineering major, ocean life enthusiast and addicted to ice cream.

Mason Gatz
Mason Gatz Treasurer

Second year Chemistry major who enjoys tutoring sciences and more sciencing on the side.

Jasmin Chavez
Jasmin Chavez Public Relations Officer

Spends time PERIODICALLY thinking about chemistry. Likes math and science, video games and enjoys the Science and Engineering Club.

Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn Online Coordinator

Computer Science major at Allan Hancock College who knows 15 programming languages and likes short walks to the couch.